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5 Habits for a clutter-free year

Be as organized as you want to be this year!

New year... New you? Aside from colder temperatures, January usually brings about the tingly feeling of a "new" start and often the need to declutter your spaces. Anyone else? While decluttering is a great practice... what if you could form habits that would help you avoid clutter in the first place? Read on!


5 habits for a clutter-free year

1. Find the Source

There are areas that seems to collect clutter with literally NO EFFORT. Some common spots are kitchen counters, entrances (front or back door) and unused rooms. Start by cleaning these areas off and making a plan for where these items will go. Now, make an effort to put these items away in their designated "place". You'll be so happy to see those shiny surfaces again!

2. Say "NO"

We all LOVE free stuff, right? Well, yes. But this a tempting trap if you are a die hard clutter bug! Take free stuff as long as you can USE it. When someone offers you things they are cleaning out (see a pattern?).. take it only if you can use it. Otherwise... let your friend donate it to a local organization. You'll have less clutter and someone else may find a treasure too!

3. Set up a "Hot Spot"

There are those items that are essential to have anytime you leave the house- wallet, keys, cell phone, etc. Rather than dig or search for these items... why not set up a space just for these? (Hint: It usually works best if it's near the door!) Find a basket, charging station or wall hook that will help you keep these items organized and easy to reach!

4. Have a donation bag ready

Remember, "slow and steady wins the race". You don't have to declutter your entire home at once... try one room or area at a time. An easy trick is to always have a donation bag/box ready in your home. When you come across that one item you have been meaning to get rid of, put it in the box. As your box fills, donate it and start over. Also, this chart below is a great tool to help you declutter!

5. Start again tomorrow

Organization isn't about perfection. The goal is to form a habit or lifestyle, so give yourself grace and room to improve as you go along. If you start to see an area pile up with clutter... start again. Take a look at what's working and what's not and make it fit you and your lifestyle.

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