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about Streamline

Streamline was born out of the desire to help people find a simpler, less stressful approach to everyday life.


Launched in 2017, we focus on bringing our strategic and organized approach to events, environments & enterprise. Which is a fancy way of saying that we work with individuals and businesses to help "streamline" day to day tasks and internal systems.

Streamline is here to make your next event or project simple and successful.

Streamline works with a diverse group of clients. Here's a snapshot of how we have helped them:

  • Interior Designer: Office Organization​

  • Speaker & Fundraiser: Task Management Coaching

  • Retail Store: Office & Workroom Organization​

  • Life Coach: Relocation & Downsizing

  • Executives & CEOs: Workflow Development & Implementation

  • Summer Camp: Website Redesign & Social Media Branding

  • Non-profit: Team Analysis & Strategic Seminars

  • Senior Director of Strategy/Parent: Bar Mitzvah Planning

  • Individuals & Families: Home Organization​

  • Race/Event Company: Race Day Coordination & Execution

about LA

“I wish I was organized…”

I’ve heard those words so many times from friends, clients, and even strangers in passing. And every time, there is something in me that wants to scream back… “YOU CAN BE!”.


If I’ve learned anything over time, it’s that everyone, anyone, can improve both their work and personal life through better organization. And yet for many people, being organized is an elusive state of being. Organization and everything that flows from it comes to represent a promised land that they can read about and dream about but not quite get to.

In 2008, I began operating a concierge business in Greensboro , NC. Over the next 8 years, I learned through my clients and employees that the smallest actions could have extraordinary results.

Reworking the layout of an office or updating digital filing systems could free up more time to focus on clients. Cleaning out a garage or organizing closets could give families more time to spend with each other. Having a well-organized timeline could allow a host to relax and truly enjoy their own event. No matter the need, organization and efficiency improve the


I love seeing the difference that organization makes in people’s life’s… decreasing stress and increasing enjoyment by creating space for them to live in.

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Follow my adventures on instagram or facebook at @getstreamlinedwithLA!



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