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5 Steps to a Guest-Ready Home

Be ready for company and enjoy it.

Visitor's footfalls are like medicine; they heal the sick.

~African Proverb

If you have had company in your home, then you know either the sheer joy or terror it is to have people in your space. Throw the "busyness" of the Holidays into the mix and it's hard not to panic.

But seriously, you can do this!

Here are my favorite 5 tips for making you and your home guest ready. Busy schedule? Break each step down into a day of the week and you'll be ready!

Leigh Anne

1. Clean Up.

This sounds like common sense, but it's easy to put the cleaning off until the last minute. If you have limited time or maybe limited patience for chores... go room by room instead of tackling the entire house at once. Don't forget the outside entrance... it's part of the first impression!

2. Make Room.

In Philadelphia (where I live), space is limited and extra closets are hard to come by. If you live in a similar situation, you'll want to make room for your guest(s) to hang up clothes, have a place to sleep (common sense, I hope!) and have space in the bathroom/shower for their toiletries.

3. Provide Information.

A secret I learned a long time ago is that everyone's TV is different. Haven't you looked at someone's TV setup and backed away in fear?! To fix this, I have a document with all the important info about the house- how to use the TV, Wi-Fi information and the address in case of emergency or take out food.

You can also grab a stack of local attraction guides, menus and other info that visitors would like to look at. They'll have everything the need to make the most of their time with you.

4. Coffee, Snacks & More.

Setting up a self-serve coffee and snack station is probably one of the best tips I can give you. People LOVE it. I love it. I know that they won't go hungry and can help themselves anytime they want and I feel less pressure to play the role of hostess.

I also have a glass canister where I put all my travel size toiletries (you know the ones from hotels?) in and have them in the room in case my guests have forgotten anything. Always, ALWAYS have an extra toothbrush on hand. Everyone will be glad you did!

Some other items you may want to stock in the guest room or area are:

- Hangers

- Extra blankets

- Heater or Fan (if needed)

- Tissues

- Wi-Fi Password

5. Enjoy your time!

This is the last and most important tip to make your guest's visit enjoyable. If you're stressed or upset, no amount of preparation can salvage a sour greeting. So turn on some music, light a candle and enjoy your company!




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