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WFH: Where?!

Find your perfect spot to work remotely.

Find your WFH Space

Whether remote work (WFH = Work from Home) is routine or a “new normal” for you, it doesn’t have to be daunting. Taking the time to find and set up your workspace will go a long way in helping you to thrive at work and home.

Here are a few questions to help you on the quest for the perfect WFH space…

1. Where is there room?

Can you repurpose a closet or corner of your home that isn’t being used? This may require a creative leap on your part to find an area that's not in the middle of life's daily motion.

2. What do I need to make this space work for me?

Will working here require a new desk or an entire furniture suite? Dragging a table or desk from another room and a chair from the kitchen table can suffice if you have a good view or a nice quiet space away from the hum of the house.

3. What obstacles or workarounds will I need to plan for?

For example, if you set up in the laundry room- is there a time of day that everyone does their laundry? The hum of the dryer may be ideal for a nap but not for a zoom call. Scheduling can also go a long way in making a space work for you- taking a lunch break when it's the loudest or most inconvenient.

4. Will this work for Video calls?

Video conferencing is most likely part of your work routine now, so be sure to think through this when claiming your workspace. Hint: hearing a toilet flush is less than ideal when you’re trying to close a deal!

5. Does this play well with others?

Don't forget about the crew around you. Whether it's a spouse, furry friend or kids... there's most likely a new cast of co-workers to navigate each day with. Keep them in mind when you're planning your day and space so that your home is happy and productive!

Happy working!

Leigh Anne



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