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5 Apps for a Simpler Life

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

Apps to streamline your lifestyle.

Whether you love or despise your smart phone and technology, it's a part of life. So why not be picky when it comes to the apps you use and store on your phone? We've pulled together a list of 5 apps that solve everyday problems... like sending a PDF when you don't have a scanner, losing your to-do list, keeping all of your family's schedules straight and much more. Cheers to a simpler, more streamlined life!

1. Genius Scan.

Whether you are drowning in papers, looking to organize your important files or simply hoping for a way to create a PDF to send to your colleague... Genius Scan is our pick! We love that you can virtually organize your files, receipts, etc. and send, upload or search for them later.

2. Wunderlist.

This easy to use app makes keeping a to-do list painless. Features such as repeating reminders, shared lists and the option of adding attachments allows this app to function as the ultimate list and file storage in one.

3. Hub.

Known as a Family Organizer app, Hub offers the option for shared calendars, to do lists, notes, chores and messaging... all in ONE place! It's simple to set up and integrates with multiple calendars (google calendar, apple calendar, outlook, etc.) to keep your family digitally united.

If you're looking for an option for your team at work, check out Slack.

4. Venmo.

The easiest way to always have cash on hand! Split dinner, send some birthday money... the sky is the limit. Also a great save if you happen to "forget" your wallet at home! Easily link a bank account or debit card and you're all set.

5. Amazon.

If you have Amazon Prime, you should have the app! Besides the fact that you buy practically ANYTHING on Amazon and this allows you to order on the go... have you tried out the barcode feature? It's a go-to when we find something in a store and want to see if Amazon has a better price!






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