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5 Creative List-Making Apps

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

5 apps for any type of list maker

It starts with a list.

Have you had the recurring nightmare where you forgot the ONE THING you were in charge of? You’re not alone.

Wellness coach Emma Langton says it’s the perfect way to get your brain functioning better. ‘When we are anxious our ‘thinking brain’ doesn’t work so well. Writing lists means we get our thoughts out of our head. ‘For to-do lists this enables us to see the tasks we want to do and we can plan and execute them better. ‘It also stops our brains from working overtime in trying to remind us of the things to do.’**

Pick your favorite. So you know how to get started, but the key trick to make organization work for you is to use a tool or method you actually LIKE. I know... it's not rocket science. But it works. We use things that we like. To help you find an app that works for you, I’ve scoured the web and my friend’s phones to find the 5 most creative and coolest list-making apps out there right now.

The favorites are….

  • Google Keep

  • Tidiest

  • Wunderlist*

  • Microsoft To-do

  • Habitica

Take a look at my take on each of these 5 apps below, test your favorite one out, and let me know what you find helpful!

To a more streamlined life,

Leigh Anne


1. Google Keep

Cost: $0

Designed for: Paper planner haters

So if you’re naturally a note taker, this is the app for you. You can capture what’s going on in your mind at any time- whether it’s a list, a photo, note or voice reminder. Google Keep is super helpful if you don’t like using paper planners or lists! I highly recommend the location based reminders in this app too. Imagine, the next time you step foot in the grocery store, Google Keep will remind you of that item on your list you keep forgetting. Pretty cool!

2. Wunderlist

Cost: $0/Premium options

Designed for: Paper planner lovers

If your excuse for avoiding list-making apps is that you like paper lists… you’re in luck! Wunderlist allows you to make lists on your phone, computer, etc. and then print them out. While most other apps sync your lists (i.e. meaning you can use your phone and continue the same list on your computer or tablet), this app provides a clear checklist layout which speaks to the heart of all my paper planners. Grab your pen and give Wunderlist a try!

*Important to note: Microsoft To Do was created to replace Wunderlist but is still in design stages, with no clear termination date in mind.

3. Todoist

Cost: $0/Premium options

Designed for: Anyone who loves a report or graph

Integrates with Alexa.

Todoist is easy to use- allowing you to free up mental space by adding recurring events and reminders to your to-do-list. This app also allows you to pull up your progress in reports and graphs and track how you're doing. Todoist is also a great option for businesses and teams- allowing you to collaborate and assign tasks. Check out this app if you're looking for a simple to use app with lots of options. Also, some of the plans integrate with Alexa!

4. Microsoft To-do

Cost: $0

Designed for: Outlook users or anyone who wants a day-by-day approach

Although Microsoft To-do is set to replace Wunderlist, it’s not quite there yet. The fans of this app are Microsoft Outlook users because it integrates with your Outlook Tasks. The app is unique from the others out there with a suggestion feature that allows you to prioritize your day and suggests which tasks you should focus on based on your deadlines. If you're easily overwhelmed by a long list of to-dos, give this app a try!

5. Habitica

Cost: $0/Premium options

Designed for: Gamers and anyone who KNOWS what an avatar is

Habitica helps you build real life habits with in-game rewards and punishments to motivate you. Who knew an app like this existed? It functions like other list-making apps, but when you check off a task instead of a cute little bell... your avatar levels up. You can also “battle” with friends to help you achieve your goals and projects.

If you’re not into video or computer games or personal coaching, this is probably not the app for you. Also, this is not the most robust list-making app, so look through the other options if you’re considering something for your business or a large group. But for the gamers out there- start playing!



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