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5 Ways to Simplify your Life

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Like a boss.

“Simplicity is the key to brilliance”

- Bruce Lee

Simple. It's a rather deceiving word, isn't it? The word simple sounds easy, but doesn't always mean that. The pure irony of seeking a simpler life is that it takes effort... and effort takes time. In hopes of saving you some time and headache, I've pulled together my top 5 ways to start living a fuller, simpler life.

Rooting for you!

Leigh Anne

1. Set Monthly Goals

Monthly goals are SO much better than New Year's goals! Setting 1-3 goals for each month will allow you to focus on those and leave the feelings of failure or being overwhelmed in the dust.

2. Carry a water bottle everywhere

Staying hydrated is important and so much easier if you have water with you. And for simplicity sake... I recommend using one that is diswasher-safe!

3. Start a capsule wardrobe

Basically a simplified wardrobe... a Capsule Wardrobe allows you to pair down clothes to only things you love and also makes packing or getting ready in the morning a breeze! Check out this step-by-step guide from The Blissful Mind on how to start!

4. Unsubscribe from emails

Spam emails take up unnecessary and valuable time. You can see exactly how many lists you are subscribed to and delete any unwanted subscriptions with I love how easy this program makes it to remove digital clutter from your life!

5. Write your to-do list the day before

You'll find it much easier to prioritize your tasks if you're already in the mindset. Take a few minutes at the end of your workday or physical day to jot down your to-do list for the next day. You'll know exactly where and how to start your day!




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